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Find Your Perfect Insurance Agent/Agency

Find Your Perfect Insurance Agent/Agency

When you get a quote from an insurance agent it might be the beginning of a long-term relationship. Instead of looking for the best insurance policy for yourself, try to invest time and finding the best agent for your needs. Look for someone you can trust and can educate you on all your different insurance choices. Use the following guide to look for your next insurance agent that is right for you.

  1. Types of insurance agents –

Insurance agents may work for only one insurance company. These agents also known as captive or exclusive agents. They are only allowed to sell products from only that one insurance company they represent. On the other hand, we have independent agents which represent one or more than one insurance companies. These types of agents have more companies to choose from when shopping for you the right policy. There are also brokers who represent the client and not the insurance companies. Therefore, brokers only CARRY insurance companies for a lower commission but have a much diverse selection of insurance companies to pick from when selling a policy.

  1. Word-Per-Mouth –

The old way and never ending way of marketing that hardly goes wrong is word-per-mouth. Ask for recommendations from family, friends and co-workers. Questions such as: Was the agent friendly/attentive? Or did agent educate you on anything you didn’t know about insurance? – are just examples of what you can ask. Check the yelp reviews for more.

  1. Research the Agency and Agent

There are many tools online to check illegibility of this insurance agent or office. Some places to check are:

  • California Department of Insurance (DOI) – Here you can likely see any complaints, investigations or disciplinary actions against agents, and to check if they have active license and which companies they represent.
  • Online reviews, such as on Yelp, for the agency.
  1. Meet the Agent

Now that you may have selected an insurance agent, is time to make an appointment and go meet them in person. Make sure this agent makes enough time to answer all your questions and concerns. Make sure to have the agent educate you on all coverages (one by one) that you need or already purchased. Ask for a scenario as examples to make coverages clear. Keep in mind that insurance is just like quality. The cheaper it is the less coverage you might have, so don’t always go with the cheapest unless you know what YOU ARE NOT GETTING. Once you start with one policy, this agent may gain your trust and ensure all your other assets or provide life and health insurance. This agent can potentially become the “Family Insurance Agent” and build a long-term relationship with you.

 Want to ensure that L & A Loyalty Insurance Services, Inc is a good fit for your insurance needs? We are convinced we will gain your trust and become your next family insurance agency.  We love to build relationships with our clients. Give us a call today!


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