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Ideas to Avoid Car Accidents Between Pedestrians and Drivers

Ideas to Avoid Car Accidents Between Pedestrians and Drivers

Car accidents happen every day in the U.S. It is even worse if the accidents involve bodily injuries on a pedestrian!  This is the reason why both pedestrians and drivers need to be very careful when being on the streets to avoid accidents. Data collected determined around 35,0000 casualties per year for pedestrians that got ran over by a car.

To be honest, many of these accidents could be avoided if the attitudes of pedestrians and drivers were better in the streets. Both drivers and pedestrians are not following the rules and signs on the street like they should.

Here are some ideas for both pedestrians and drivers to avoid getting in an accident with either or:


  1. Walk on the Sidewalk – don’t walk on the street or any areas where there is no sidewalks or crosswalks.
  2. Walk Facing Traffic – When you walk in the street because there is no sidewalk available, walk facing the traffic.
  3. Cross at Intersections – Only cross a street at it’s assigned intersection. You are in big danger when you cross on places that are not marked to be crossed.
  4. Stop and Look Both Ways – Stop at a curb to alert drivers you are attempting to cross. Always look left, right at least twice to make sure you are safe to cross.
  5. Make Eye Contact – When you cross the street look at the driver and make eye contact. If you don’t make eye contact, there is high chance the driver hasn’t seen you, especially at night.
  6. Watch Your Kids – Don’t allow your children to cross streets unsupervised. When you’re with your kids crossing the street, teach them about stopping at the corner and looking left, right and left again before crossing and specially hold their hands.


  1. Yield When Crossing a Driveway – When entering an alley or driveway, make sure no pedestrians are walking by at the time before you enter.
  2. Yield When Pedestrians Cross the Street – Some may be crossing on a crosswalk or intersection, but pay special attention when there are no such crossing facilities available.
  3. Watch for Stopped Vehicles – Do not stop or overtake a vehicle simply because it’s stopped in front of you and has emergency lights on. What if car is waiting for pedestrian to cross in front of it? This applies to ice cream trucks and buses.
  4. Increase Your Eye Scanning – Don’t just pay attention to the cars around you, but double check for pedestrians or bicycles that surprisingly might cross you.
  5. Be Careful When Turning Left – Pedestrians and cyclists are four times more likely to be hit by a vehicle that is turning left, so triple check for pedestrians first.
  6. Watch Out for Children – Young children have very little awareness of where sounds are coming from and don’t have the focus and attention needed to be out in the streets.
  7. Slow Down – If you hit a pedestrian at speeding driving, due to the impact, chances of survival are little to none. If it’s a residential street or specially a school street, then slow down!

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