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Some Dangerous Driving Distractions

Some Dangerous Driving Distractions

When you see someone next to you or in front of you swerving, you don’t automatically think that person is tipsy or drunk. Perhaps what comes into mind is “this person is texting”. Nowadays, there are more distractions than being drunk, being on the phone or texting. Some online apps are also creating distractions while driving. Many have online addictions and can’t help but also be addicted including when they are driving!

But, luckily many of these online applications are now being included in newer cars. Is no longer just for luxury vehicle. What do today’s cars have built into the dash to further distract us? Here are some of the categories of connectivity that are now becoming commonplace.

Texting and Social Media

These apps incorporated in newer cars, allow you to dictate messages and sometimes have your incoming texts “read” to you. Some new Sync system provides automated text replies to automatically alert your text that you are driving and will respond as soon as you are not driving any more. Some others give you the option of dictating and sending texts but not receiving them. And others have what they call “Audio Facebook” and will read your Facebook news feed to you.

Finding and Playing Music

Using an MP3 or your cell phone device for music saves you having to listen to radio all day long, but navigating those devices can be a bit dangerous while driving. Car companies have created internet radio dash apps such as Pandora and XM Radio apps that are easier to read, but the amount of time it takes to find the song or program you’re looking for, could be a little dangerous while driving. For internet radio, there are over 200 channels to pick from. Imagine a road trip with so many options!


Anyone who has in-dash navigation knows this is very. But still, although it helps getting to a place some systems may distract you more than help you get somewhere. In between sports scores, weather reports, gas prices that are notified while you are navigating you can get easily distracted and not have your eyes on the road.


Many cars are now offering wi-fi routers to stay connected to your phone’s wi-fi, for internet connectivity of laptops, iPods, and other internet devices. Although this feature is usually marketed with a photo of the devices located in back seat, the opportunity for a driver to be online is always possibility. These devices can also be purchased as after-market add-ons, so it’s not just the car companies that are making this distraction possible.


Bluetooth is probably the original technology in cars that got this entire distraction thing started. Laws changed requiring only hands-free talking while driving. Super helpful to keeps both hands on the wheel. But still, a study shows that 18% of drivers talking on the phone, hands free were shown to be slower to react to brake lights.


Everyone has distractions while driving. Is just a matter of not giving other things more importance than staying safe and keeping eyes on the road. Some of these apps are very helpful. Perhaps, opening these apps on your car before taking off can be a little bit more safe than trying to figure it out while driving. So, stay safe and drive safe!


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